About HVAC SEO Nerds

Whether you are looking to blow up your HVAC business or maybe just increase the efficiency of your of your currently operations – the HVAC SEO Nerds have created a platform that you help you achieve success.

We understand that HVAC contractors are being called every day by “seo digital marketers” that want to talk to you about

  • Your website
  • Where your rank on Google
  • Your maps listings
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

And while all of those things are important, they all cost money – (SOME OF THEM ALOT OF MONEY) and none of them have guarantees!-


Sean & Dean Are Leading The Charge On HVAC Websites & Marketing

The Hvac Seo Nerds – have spent years developing a digital marketing platform – that WILL help grow your business in the 1st or 2nd week AND for price that will surprise you – IN A GOOD WAY.

We are building a national network of HVAC Service companies and with the combined resources of this network – it allows us to build and develop tools and strategies and would normally only be available to the Big HVAC companies – that have bigger marketing budgets.

When you schedule with a nerd – not only get a no pressure, no obligation demo of our powerful marketing and operations platform, but you will also get lots of free information that you could use on your own – if you decide not to become a member of our network.

Who are the Nerds?

At the core of the mastermind are Dean and Sean Niemiec (of Dingo.marketing). These brothers are not the kind of nerds that love Harry Potter or are afraid to ask a girl to dance. They are passionate about technology and business models. They geek out on how to optimize their clients businesses and figure out how to scale them out for greater success and profits.

About Our System

Using proprietary systems – they are able to automate time consuming tasks in a business so that you can not just succeed but also focus on what you do best – which is services the climate control needs of your HVAC clients.

The HVAC Seo Nerds have serviced a broad array of industries online.

Sean Niemiec (Sean-Paul) is a show producer and weekly news contributor on his local Fox affiliate. For the last 15 years Sean has been using the power of his Digital Marketing skill to take his show INTRIGUE THEATER to the Trip advisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. His his marketing strategies has scaled his business to a level that surprised even Sean himself.

Tourism and entertainment is one of the toughest industries with digital marketing because you need to find out who your target audience is BEFORE they take a trip to your market.

“I love the streamlined approach in marketing and essential business in local marketing – it is so much easier than entertainment and tourism – and getting rapid results for our network members is very gratifying!” Says, Sean Niemiec

Dean Niemiec is a veteran digital marketer that goes beyond the typical guy who offices out of their guest bedroom. For over a decade Dean has played a critical role in on the teams of huge Companies. With FindLaw a division of Thompson Reuters, he developed websites and legal resources for law firms across the country. The legal industry is one of the most competitive niches online locally. Dean then leveled up from FindLaw to go on to do digital marketing and testing of campaigns for universities and colleges with Collegis. Currently he is working with Self Esteem brands where he runs a website that is home for 4000 anytime fitness locations.

With a broad spectrum of experience across many different industries, Dean is energized with the concept of building out the business model and a platform of tools for the HVAC industry. Dean say, “We have created a system that empowers small and medium sized HVAC companies with advantages that usually only national campaigns would get. That feels great!”

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Our system includes website, search engine optimization, user testing, reporting, and a lead delivery platform.