😷 Consumers still make have concerns😷
Put them at Ease.

MOST HVAC SITES have no Covid 19 statements on their site.

But if you do it – you will send the message that

 🕵️‍♂️  YOU GET IT  😮  You CARE  😷   You understand their concerns

People are worried about people coming in the home & safety precautions.  

And when you post a quick COVID 19 policy – you can win over customers that could easily go with another service provider.

And in one year – when there is a vaccination for Covid 19 and things are normal. 

You can look back on this and think about the extra business you were able to scoop up that helped you grow your business 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 just by showing your customers that you care. 

You can watch this video on how I explain for free how to use our GRAPHIC AND OUR DISCLAIMER to offer a statement to your web visitors about your response to the COVID 19 virus.   

Please feel free to SWIPE the content at the bottom of the page to post to your site.

You might be thinking, “Why would I spend / waste my time doing that?”

Because, For as much death and damage the coronavirus is causing to our world and lives –  IT IS ALSO CREATING OPPORTUNITIES. 

What we are advising is so simple and doesn’t take much effort – but the pay off could be several more jobs a month until everyone else does this.

All the biggest HVAC companies in the bigger markets are doing it.     Look at Pascalcorp in Northwest Arkansas – they are an HVAC giant.   

They understand they can’t  afford to be perceived as clueless or reckless

They are being proactive.        We all should be.

..but most of us right now are not being proactive 
(namely the other guys in your market)

How do I know that?  

"Because we NERDS are currently scanning 1000's of websites and analyzing trends and behavior."


Post this TRUST SEAL to your front page and have it link to the statement below

Create a Pop up or just a text blurb on your front page that says this.

Servicing you your climate control needs while being vigilant in exercising extreme caution about the health and well being of our customers is our highest priority at [name of company].   Moving forward in the age of corona virus Covid 19 we have upgraded our precautionary measures to make sure all parties are safe during this global pandemic.

Expanded sanitizing procedures include but are not limited to:

  1. Our office and work-spaces are cleaned and sanitized daily with alcohol based Sanitizers .
  2. We have hand Sanitizers in all of our trucks, tool bags, and offices.
  3. Our team is following the Government recommendations in response to Covid 19 and are mindful of of social distancing and not making physical contact with customers (hand shaking, etc)
  4. The Covid 19 Center for Disease Control documentation has been given to all employees, and they have all agreed to give their 100% best in complying with all the guidelines.

As we continue to strive to offer the industry’s highest level of customer service, we will not be using latex gloves, booties and facemasks before entering our customers’ job sites.  At [your HVAC COMPANY] we know we are all in this together and by remaining aware of the corona virus threat and doing everything we can do to be part of the solution – we know we will all get thru this together.

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Sean Niemiec

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