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POST A Covid 19 STATEMENT TO YOUR Google Maps Listing

Show your are the Responsible and Sensitive HVAC company in your market!


BUT DISRUPTIONS can shake things up and become OPPORTUNITIES!

  • Heating and Cooling is an ESSENTIAL service: and there can be a real opportunity for smaller Climate Control Vendors to grow and expand their market share.   

  • Some companies might quit: or  just lay low waiting for this to pass over, but we are seeing opportunities that don’t take a lot of effort to pick up where others are missing the boat.

As the World is Changing

  • Customers have new paranoias and fears!
    While people still need heating and

  • Cooling – they will not be to thrilled about HVAC technicians coming into their homes not knowing where they have been and what they might be bringing along with them.

  • What can you do to show them YOU CARE more than your competition?

  • A Proactive response is the best way to get out in front of the issue. Fears about the Virus are not going away any time soon.

  • Look in the Maps listings on GoogleShocking but sometimes your customers ONLY SEE YOUR GOOGLE MAPS LISTING!   It’s a critical place to promote your business.

  • If you type in on your favorite search engine “HVAC ” and your town that you service – you will most likely see your company listed on the the maps along with your competition.

    Side note, if you have become one of our subscription members,  your Map listing is most likely in the top 3 spots.”
  • All that aside, now visit your competitions maps listings and websites.  Chances are that the only HVAC vendor that has a post regarding “Covid 19 policies” is the biggest player in your market. And sometimes even the Big dogs are missing this.

 This is a huge tactic when it comes to customers that are calling more than one vendor.  Ask yourself – if you are concerned about a technician coming into your home, which company are you going to call? The HVAC company that has  a message on their website and maps listing that says,

POST A STATEMENT TO YOUR Google Maps Listing to show your are the Responsible and Sensitive HVAC company in your market!Feel Free to rip this from our site and add your own company information!  Click the image and you can copy it there.

“We are monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak closely and are implementing the recommended CDC/WHO/OSHA safety precautions for our technicians and office staff. This is a fluid situation that is changing every day and we will continue to adjust our protocols as necessary to do our part in helping to keep our community safe.”


HVAC SEO NERDS is committed to helping the members of our group thrive now and also when we get out of these uncertain times. There are some very simple yet powerful things you can do – to help your company stand out in your market as the most conscientious and responsive player in your area thus winning you the business over your competition. 


This is the first of three articles that we are offering to our HVAC member to help them position themselves as the most responsible during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus Response Tactic #1 Create a Google my Business Post regarding the changes from Covid – 19 While it may seem like what you get from google and facebook are a lot of free services – but remember you placements on their property are “rented space”.  That means, if your not paying for it – you don’t own it. 

If your business does the things that Google likes – and you will get rewarded. 
Right now – if you go into your Google my business post – you will see the notice – they have even created a button for it.  IT’S IMPORTANT TO GOOGLE!

At this time – they are not display the posts because Google is scaling back on staff [yes – coronavirus even affects google] so they are doing limited functionality on the maps listings.  Our sources tell us that all the features of Maps will be coming back in a few weeks.   Why does this matter?   More than likely when google will show your posts – and you followed their suggestion – YOU WILL GET RANKED BETTER.  

You will also show web visitors – that you are more responsible!  Hello new customers! And it is super easy.  Watch the Video that I made to show you how to create this post.


This is the first of three articles that we are offering to our HVAC member to help them position themselves as the most responsible during these uncertain times. 


Please Click these links to learn more about what we are advising our member to do – to expand their business and acquire more customers.

Covid 19 Statement for your Home Page

The Internet is SLOWING DOWN – don’t let that hurt your rankings and your conversions.


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