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Do you need a Digital Marketing strategy for your HVAC company?

Is Digital Marketing Powerful – YES

Should you
do it  yourself?

We don’t think so.​

Do you need search engine optimization for your Heating and Cooling Website.  Is it worth it?  And will there be an ROI. We all know there are a ton of marketing expenses in running a successful HVAC business and it has never been more competitive.

Its not easy to stay on top of an SEO campaign because managing your Climate Control Business is already a lot of work.  You don’t have time to learn the lingo and know what everything means. 

If you consider your self “old school” and “low tech” and feel the need to be convinced that an aggressive Digital Marketing campaign is the way to go – PLEASE KEEP READING!

A solid optimized Website, a completed social media stack, and tracking numbers on every piece of paid advertising is all part of what we call “digital marketing”.  Compared to broad array of conventional advertising you currently use to promote your HVAC business – Digital marketing is a superior medium for growing your business.  You will have more control over, more focus, better targeting, and you will ALWAYS be building upon your successes of what has worked. 

You can  also instantly CANCEL anything that is NOT PRODUCING RESULTS.   Think about that.  Can you cancel a billboard, radio ad campaign, a Val Pack run that you paid in advance? 

Do any  of those form of HVAC advertising give you instant analytics on what is working and what isn’t?   

At this point you can probably see that this is a MUST to promote your Heating and Cooling furnace repair business.

Is Digital Marketing Powerful – YES
Should you do it yourself – we don’t think so.

At HVAC seo nerds – we like the climate control business but that doesn’t mean we should service our own Air Conditioning units and heat pumps.  That’s your job.   You have worked for years to become a capable talented HVAC technician.    Just as we leave the HVAC SERVICE JOBS to you – let us not only show you what we can do as far as Digital marketing and SEO but how we SPECIALIZED in doing it for the Climate Control Industry.

We will work with your Heating and Cooling staff and show them how to take great pictures of HVAC job Sites and happy customers that just got a new heat pump.   We will then turn those great pictures into great posts on your HVAC Company FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, AND GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listings.   These kinds of post are under rated by your competition and they are NOT doing it.   This is just one of MANY simple yet powerful Digital marketing tactics that can be used to rank your HVAC COMPANY’S WEBSITE and eventually expand your customer base and hopefully your market share.

In future articles we will lay our more strategies on how we can hope you rise to the top of your market.

To you future HVAC Market Domination.


Sean Niemiec

Sean Niemiec has been in the digital marketing field for 15 years. He is a managing partner of and He also is the producer of and a weekly contributor to the morning lifestyle show on the Fox Network - Ozarks Fox AM with his weekly segment for

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