Covid 19 SEO

Covid 19 is hurting your website (indirectly)

The Internet is over taxed!

“whereas the busy period for streaming in households would normally last around four hours on a weekday evening, that’s now risen to as much as 10 hours a day.” –CNBC NEWS

HEADLINE: Streaming giants switch to standard definition to keep internet alive during coronavirus lockdown

Have you noticed that the buffering when watching Netflix and YouTube videos? The Internet is over taxed! Everyone working from home – is taking its toll of the resources the net. whats worse is that your otherwise fast website could be loading slower.

Who cares?! It still seems to load up fine.

You don’t want a slow loading website because…

Answer #1

If you ARE RANKING somewhere on page 1 and a web visitor DOES click your link – if you have a sluggish load time – do you really want them to get impatient and move on to the next HVAC company. We have found that some sites during business hours during the lock down are taking almost 20 SECONDS TO LOAD! That is UNACCEPTABLE. I personally wont wait for a site that I have never been to before to take that long to load.

So lets chalk it up to this, “You could lose potential customers…”

Answer #2

If your site is loading but nobody seems to complain – well that might be because you don’t get to hear it because they are already gone.

But some BOT is paying attention.

Its the Google BOT that is stopping by to measure how fast your site is loading up.

If the Google Bot deems that your site is a slow loading site – that doesn’t provide the kind of user experience they want for their visitors. [it always comes down to that]


The googlebot will doc you point and your site could slip in the rankings.

What is the Solution?

NitroPack is a new type of performance optimization plugin. It does the optimizations in the cloud which makes it very lightweight, compared to standard caching plugins NitroPack has much lower overhead on your CPU.  It is free – but there is a slight learning curve to installing it.

Double solution!

If you are or become a member of our HVACseoNERDS FACEBOOK GROUP – we will install it to your site for free!

Please let me know in the comments if this helps you or if you have any other questions!

To your future HVAC empire….

Sean Niemiec


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